Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keep your eyes Upon the Finish Line

"The stress you fell My Child is real to push you out of bounds.
Keep Your Eyes Upon The Finish Line as you Praise Resounds.

Your tears are in My Bottle. Overflowing now and spilled;
To tip the scales in your battle that your Desire Be Fulfilled.

Those dwelling in the Sea of Madness who refuse to Change
Their Minds in the midst of testing consider all things strange.

They are so self centered with their complaining and insults.
Making the same mistakes and expecting different results.

The Trial of your Faith My Child is more precious than gold.
The Sorrow has made you Wiser. The Pain has made you Bold.

Now Quiet your Soul, Stay in Peace and Let Your Praise Roll.
In the Ocean of Emotion My Joy Will Fill Your Soul."

Thank you Dear Lord for your Ever Increasing Joy and Peace.
Permeating, Recreating and Strengthening our Resolve to Walk
in The Light of Your Purpose and Glory. May it be YOU IN us
That IS Seen.

amen & Amen

(this is a note I got from a very loving freind she found it and showed this to me and I just thought someone that wondered in to my blog reads this, and may see them selves or just reflects on this.) "This was wrote by June Sanders / Joy of the Lord Fellowship Ministries"rejoicejs@mecsc.net

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"My peeps" this photo was taken late at night after decorating the tree. We tried 5 times this was close enough, the peeps were very tired. But Mamma had a set plan to try the timmed picture on her camra and there will be no Quitting till mama said "that will do".

two too cutties

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve this cute little snow angle went for a snowy sled ride. isn't she sooo cute!

my little snow angle!

as you can see it was cold and snowy thats as close as I wanted to get to the snow.

Look a couple of little super heros! I found them out helping tried little lions and other little guys!

The real supper Baby!

"please this is just a pose I am not from the farm!" Not to sure what I was trying to say it just sounded like something she would say.
Only the 2 littlle little cutties are mine on the right of the picture!

"Whats up?"

Whats up!

I'm new to this blogging thing so bear with me while I figure it all out:)