Monday, August 31, 2009


me and my cute littel fisher pie (realy I had no idea what to say but wow CUTE pic this pic is funny story shane wanted in it so we took 2 pics I like this one..
this was a spur of a moment thing but a great adventure for me! I am a chicken this is as wild as I get I will not do this in running water (river)lol haha!!!

as u can see I was just a littel tearofied!!l

Sunday, August 30, 2009

wow this girl loves to fish this is soo crazy because she is not the kind of kid that just waits!! this is so

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WAAAY Out in the Boonies!

Dont mind the totally out of order pictures! These are from our camping adventure to Olallie Lake with Bruce and Holly. Lots of dirt, lots of family time, lots of fishing and most of all lots of good ol' fun!!

One rainy morning the 3 wild muskateers had a cocoa and played UNO. That was the day Holly and I got to drink a full cup of coffee, before the JAVA got tooo cold (no nooker out there!)lol!!

Hiking to the swimming hole to cool off!

Stopping for yet another snack on the way up to the top of the mountain! Holly insisted we could do get to the top and although I was kinda crancky (haha) about it I was glad that she kept us going:) It was awesome up there!

All sacked out!! This was after the BIG hike not sure if he even stayed awake for supper;)

At the floating dock...tried to convince Mackaila to dunk under to clean that cute dirty face!! haha:)

Joshie was soooo tired of hiking!!! This was our second day of it and it was prob the 3rd hike of the day!!!

What do ya do if your kid had a poop pants when you are out in th wilderness?? Good thing we brought diapers and wipes with;)

Here I am taking a wilderness bath! hahaha I had the life jacket on because we weren't sure how deep the water was. It was soo clear, kinda deceiving:)

Me and my boy!! Love this kid:) All in all we had a great time!!